Thursday, 13 September 2007

15 April 2007 – Bob Dylan, Wembley Arena

Overheard: “Daddy, Daddy, which one’s Dylan?” - “The one in the hat, son.”

‘Modern Times’ tour.

Further Rules of Dylan:

  • Expect to stand in the stalls, even if you happen to have a seat. There still exist people who are outraged when the front audience stand for Dylan.
  • More accessible Dylan = wider audience. Wider audience = take the kids (Ok, guilty as charged, but it’s a duty, right?)

Bob and his cool dudes returned to Wembley to promote the most ace ‘Modern Times’ album. On top form, Dylan even played a few songs on guitar (a first for me). Very wide audience this time – lots of kids brought to the shrine of Bob by caring parents (it’s an education, after all, to see the greatest living poet since John Keats). Even if the kids couldn’t see much, they were impressed by what they heard. His Bobness was on top form, playing the best of the excellent newies, as well as a hefty selection of Dylan classics. The set enhanced the general mood of laid-back, good-times toe-tapping bluesy-folk, and I think the mighty one was enjoying himself as much as we were. Ace times.

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