Sunday, 2 September 2007

06 April 2006 - Bill Wyman hosting Lords Taverners "One Generation 4 Another", Royal Albert Hall

Bill and his band, Bill and his pals - a starry benefit night. Bill doesn't lead the band so much as fade into the background, as ever barely moving a muscle, while he lets his band (plus whoever turned up that night) get on with it. It's never a lucky dip, though, it's all top-notch stuff - the fabulous Fabba, Kiki Dee, Steve Sanchez, Albert Lee, Andy Fairweather Low (he of the long locks, now bald as a coot). Solid performances, tad over-long as these rambling, everyone-gets-to-do-their-thing gigs are. Spine-tingling moment - Midge Ure's pure rendition of "Vienna" as the years rolled back. Great time had by all - respect, Bill.

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