Wednesday, 11 March 2009

10 March 2009 - Rod Thomas with Band, Hoxton Bar

'Until Something Fits' tour
Rod again making the very most of having his band in tow, belted out an up-beat set of older favourites - 'Your Love is a Tease', 'You Get Goodbyes', 'Good Coat' etc - while showcasing some of his very latest tunes. 'Blueprint' is a stormer, as before, but the focus was on the new tracks written with Boom Bip - 'Disco Moment' passing my "three plays and it's stuck in my head" test. The crowd lapped it all up and stomped the floor for more - an acoustic version of 'Until Something Fits', sung down among the folks. Check out his Myspace page - - for the latest offerings.
Next stop New York and then SXSW in Texas - best of luck, Rod!

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