Wednesday, 22 September 2010

16 June 2010 - Teddy Thompson, Meltdown Festival, RFH

Teddy Thompson, originally uploaded by mlamx2.

I'm guessing TT would prefer an informal venue, but when his very close relative (Dad Richard) offered him a Meltdown Festival slot at the RFH he couldn't really turn it down.  Teddy's compositions are very country-and-western-meets-rockabilly and this showcase for his next album shows him reverting to 1960s territory.  Cue string section, supported as always by The Grey Race.  Set list: new - The One I Can't Have; Delilah; Only For A Second; Take Care of Yourself; Take Me Back Again; Over and Over; Looking For A Girl; The Next One; Home; Tell Me What You Want; Gotta Have Someone: old - Can't Sing Straight; What Will I Do (Jenni Muldar?); Babyshambles (with Linda and Kami); Down Low (Kami); Don't Know; One Of These Days; What's This: In My Arms.

We're now told the album 'Bella' won't be released until February 2011 - so I guess I'll have to be patient.  My favourite was 'Home' but there are plenty of videos on Youtube to choose from.  If he ever runs out of inspiration, though, a covers album would be very welcome - all those gems he has sung recently, such as Persuasion, Genesis Hall, Saratoga Summer Song, the Nick Drakes, Neil Youngs etc - heck, why not?