Thursday, 6 March 2008

3 March, 2008 - Rod Thomas, The Macbeth, Hoxton

Launch party for 'You Get Goodbyes'

Packed out night for the launch of Rod's new single 'You Get Goodbyes' - a catchy number which turns the usual end-of-relationship angst on its head, in an upbeat celebration of honesty and moving on. Toe-tapping-tastic. Check out the 'B' side too, for the gorgeous 'Debris' (now that really is a sad break-up song) and multi-layered acoustic versions of two earlier hits 'Good Coat' and 'Your Love is a Tease'.

A brilliant set from the multi-talented Mr Rod, and he even got the audience included in the loop as chorus to his ukulele number 'Same Old Lines'. Check out his Myspace for more gigs and go dance your socks off.

Rod's web-site for music and all links: here

Sunday, 2 March 2008

1 February 2008 - Stackridge, 100 Club, Oxford Street W1

Lummy, Stackridge are back!

YBG debated long and hard over this one - nostalgia for the Colston Hall, Bristol and all - but, s*d it, everyone deserves a mid-winter treat, so off down to the Dad pit it was. Labelled in the press as 'Prog-rock', the moniker doesn't do this band any favours - they're quirky and unique, dating from the time when the 'Prog' bit applied to just about anyone who wrote a song over 3.5 mins long. To the basic line-up (guitars, keyboard, drums) add violins, flute, trombone and you start to get the idea. Top this with catchy lyrics (famously the student favourite, Syracuse the Elephant) and you're nearly there. But performance and execution is all - and this they had in spades.

It was good to see most of the original line-up too - Andy Davis, James Warren, Mutter Slater and Jim 'Crun' Walters, plus fine contributions from Glen Tommey and Andrew "Codge" Marsden. Sarah Mitchell and Rachel Hall on violin added the essential string section to Stackridge's unique sound. The band seemed reconciled to the fact that the Stackridge brand is bigger than their individual musical careers and are making sure that this is (at long last) their big comeback year. The delighted punters were of the variety who would book Genesis for their school dance BITD and a hero's welcome was given to the die-hard who had flown in from New York for the occasion. Happy in the Lord were we.

A new album is promised for the summer and the band returns to the 100 Club on 23 May - go and see for yourselves - I promise it'll be fun (and it's not that often you can say that these days).