Sunday, 2 September 2007

25 April 2006 - Chris Rea, Hammersmith Apollo

Chris Rea had been seriously ill before this gig, which was pretty much the last date on a farewell tour before 'retiring' from frontline performing. Audience turned out as a mark of respect/affection for the canny lad from Middlesborough.

The shocker was seeing Chris obviously in pain during the early numbers. Not sure if it was the adrenalin or the pain-killers which kicked in after a while, but you could see him warming to the job and growing more relaxed. Whatever had happened to the frame, the voice was strong and the technique sure, with almost as many guitar changes as there were songs.

At the end, duty done, a lifetime's songbook played through, a raised guitar salute and he was gone. You did it, you were great - goodbye and God bless, Chris.

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