Sunday, 9 September 2007

12 November 2006 – Bruce Springsteen, Wembley Arena

Back to Wembley for a repeat of the storming Seeger Sessions show. This set has been toured for some months now and it has become more polished and, in becoming more polished, has lost some of its spontaneity. Also, the few ‘Springsteen’ songs don'treally suit being ‘Seegerised’. Patti was absent this time – trouble at home apparently. Bruce explained - “Teenagers, you can’t take your eyes off the little b******s" - which struck a chord with many in the crowd. On the plus side - a good-natured audience (lots of Irish in) and Bruce managed to inject some spark into that gloomy hangar of a place (where the ghosts of past performances flit wailing along the rafters) ('scuse the hyperbole, but that ceiling really bothers me and I don't see how it has been"improved" at all).

Overall, a very good evening – ‘Eerie Canal’ my favourite.

So that’s it for 2006 – hoarse and foot-sore, but generally a happy gig bunny.

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ChrisMooreMusic said...

I have to admit, as a BIG fan of recent Bruce Springsteen songs, I haven't piked up the Seeger Sessions yet. I really do like cover songs in moderation, but I wasn't sure that I could go a whole album without a Springsteen original. Maybe I'll give it a shot...