Wednesday, 3 October 2007

09 & 14 May 2007, Rufus Wainwright (in-store appearances)

At HMV and Virgin Megastore, Central London, to promote ‘Release The Stars’

Ok, this is the UK Year of Rufus. Thought I’d check out the store previews as a bit of fun. Some more rules:

Store appearance rules:

HMV – turn up early and join the scrum at the back of the store while they block of aisles and set up the stage.

Virgin – basement stage . For wrist-band entry queue early in the morning to buy cd and get entry wristband for later show. Tip – if you just roll up on time you can get a pretty good view from the stairs above.

At HMV the chief prop was Rufus’ sequined scarf with a sequined bear attached. Apparently the naughty dangling bear with interfering with said performer’s performance (you fill in the quote ….) Anyways, first of all were the standard warm-ups ‘Pretty Things’ and ‘Vibrate’, followed by two of the newies ‘ Sanssouci’ and the very moving ‘Going To A Town’. Definitely most promising – definitely looking forward to Old Vic later in the month.

Virgin Megastore. Unable to spend all morning in a queue, took a chance and rolled up a lunchtime for a stairwell spot – excellent view (big thank-you to my tipster at HMV). This time Rufus had his band in tow, including the fabulous Hall and Petruzzelli. More of a buzz to this showlet – Rufus genuinely pleased so many had turned out to see him -and a pleasant surprise for passers by. Hubby on phone to wife “I’m in Virgin and guess who’s playing ….?” Never mind what was he doing spending his lunchtime in town while she was stuck at home – you can just picture it - “That’s nice, dear,” wifey thinking “Lucky so-and-so!”

Live UK premieres of ‘Release The Stars’ and ‘Rules and Regulations’, repeat of ‘Sanssouci’, old standard ‘Art Teacher’ and finishing with ‘Going To A Town’. All compelling, kicking band – looking good for the UK tour.

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