Tuesday, 16 October 2007

04 July 2007 – Rod Thomas, The Spitz, Shoreditch

Sadly, The Spitz is now no more – it’s Commercial Street site has been given over to the developers – let’s hope it resurfaces someplace else – preferably soonish.

More Rules – Indie Gigs (Shut up, already!)

Your bar tab will be more than the cost of entry.
Given the entry/drinks price ratio, some punters natter away loudly as if in a pub (which they are really) – so be warned.
Up to four acts per show – expect short sets.
Start late, finish late.

Rod Thomas by day is a busker on the London Underground (yes, the one who makes you catch your breath). By night he becomes a one-man-band outfit with guitar, keyboard, loop pedal and handclaps. Buskers’ “sets” last around 30 seconds, the time it takes to walk past them, so turned up out of curiosity to hear the full versions and was glad I did. Using a live loop pedal means that Rod has to enter the various layers (handclaps, backing lines and so on) before the song can get going. This looks tricky, but the end effect is a gorgeous multi-layered sound – something of an art form here. So a short set of up-beat songs – you can catch samples on his Myspace site – with my favourite, As If. Definitely a feel-good experience, a mixture of folk and pop, but not schmaltzy - Rod has a way with words and there’s always a phrase or two to chew on. Go see for yourself. Go soon.

Check out Rod's web-site for music and all links: here

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