Sunday, 7 October 2007

24 June 2007 – Aerosmith/Chris Connor/Jet, Hyde Park, London

To Hyde Park on a very damp Sunday. Festival Rules here, so a quick look at the merchandise then on to the main stage. Crowd very crowded, herding together to shelter from rain – hah!

Jet played a competent set (in a hey-we’re-supporting-the-mighty-Aerosmith-kinda-way), followed by a commendable performance by Chris Connor. Audience were soaked through by that point and getting a bit tetchy about it. However Chris earned muchos respect y kudos by venturing out onto the stage’s apron and getting soaked too. Big “aah” moment when he brought on his own little guys to sing with their Dad.

Aerosmith - So on to the main act. Stage hands sweeping water off the runway, putting out the fairy lights and deckchairs, the whole bit. Just to amuse itself, the crowd alternately booed or cheered two of the sweepers – must have been worrying for the one who got booed. Rain easing up a bit and then, voila! – out comes the sun and the stars. Messrs Tyler, Perry and co ripped their way through a set packed with anthemic standards – this is not the crowd quietly mumbling-alonga-Bob, this is the full-volume, air-punching, audience-louder-than-the-band type experience.

Thanks to the runway (essential – please note, everybody) had the surreal experience of being about 6 feet away from a spot-lit Tyler and Perry while they sang against the backdrop of a darkening stormy sky. The biz, every second of it.

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