Sunday, 27 January 2008

8 December 2007 - Hello Goodbye + Sherwood + Go-Audio, Folkestone

Folkestone never fails to please.

Back to the excellent Leas Cliffs Pavillion - on chaperone duties this time. The RW band (see below) noted the place was like a school hall - well this was Folkestone's Christmas high school hop. The place was heaving with kids having a good time - couples snogging in the corridors, girls crying/throwing up in the loos, lads over-moshing in the mosh-pit, girls girly dancing and the queue for the sweet stall longer than the queue for the bar. Still, the view from up in the Mom'n'Dad pit was excellent.

Another four-act gig - can't remember the first, but second-up Go-Audio were really good. A defo for 2008 festivals, please. Third-up Sherwood - ok, but was that soundcheck really part of the act, lads? Hello Goodbye v good indeed - audience thought they were ace and went mental enjoying themselves - which is always the aim of a good evening.

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