Tuesday, 1 January 2008

22 November 2007 - Amy Winehouse, Remi Nicole, Brixton Academy

Yes, I know this show was ages ago, but I wanted to process my shock before writing anything. I'm glad someone eventually had the guts to pull the rest of Amy's tour - this night did her no favours at all.

The warm-up - the likeable Remi Nicole - played a competent set, but was let down by her material. I mean you soon get bored with lyrics along the lines of "My boyfriend's c**p, I told him so, Oh-oh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh-oh.." (my words, not hers, but you get the idea). Anyway, not bad all round but then there was over an hour to wait before the headliner. Management kept the pa music up loud - every time it dipped you could hear the booing. At last Miss Winehouse put in an appearance - of which you will have read plenty elsewhere. Enough to say, that she has enough talent to become truly great - the building blocks are there (such a stunning voice) - let's hope she overcomes her troubles soon.

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