Friday, 7 November 2008

6 November 2008 - Seth Lakeman, Shepherd's Bush

Fiddling Fantastic

Went for a look-see - wondering whether London is too cool for Seth Lakeman, or can a Shepherd's Bush crowd hoe-down with the rest (of course it can). Gig not sold out, but those in the know crowded downstairs. Three wild Swedish ladies of bluegrassy folk - Bakery(?) - belted out a sassy set, reminding me of the Dixie Chicks here a while back. Seth audience - a wide range, but mostly 'Folk'. Things didn't really kick off until the fiddle numbers - 'Kitty Jay' was mesmerising and the crowd urged him on. Note to management - get Seth a couple more fiddle players and then he can really let rip for an extended set. Powerful stuff, mind you.

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