Thursday, 24 July 2008

17 July 2008 - Leonard Cohen, O2

For much of the audience, this was an "at long last" event and one we had hardly dare dream of. Despite his age, some 74 years young, Mr Cohen nailed it from the very first song - and kept up the good humour and high standards right through. 'Hallelujah' brought the audience to its feet, in every sense reclaiming the song as his own. Having seen Rufus Wainwright perform this at the Hop Farm earlier, there seems to be a special magic attaching to this number - sing it with conviction, whoever you are, and it will win the day. 'A Thousand Kisses Deep' - recited to a silent, rivetted house - was entirely moving. All in all the audience were as delighted to be there as Leonard was - and his graceful good humour and humility was an example to all.

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